How To Flirt With A Woman In 2019

Flirting is an art which is often taken for granted by men who are on a dating service. There have been many trends that changed the way flirting was carried out. Also, flirting varies with age groups like among teenager and adults, flirting is completely different. With the beginning of social media and online dating sites, flirting became easy but annoying. 2019 has brought a change in this and we are going to talk about some of the best ways to flirt with single women.

Best Flirting Tips

Just remain natural and let things flow in their own course. Following are some of the best tips in 2019:

  1. You don’t have to be the macho-man all the time, you can actually discuss your insecurities and some emotional issues on dating site chats. Girls usually fall for this as they feel special. Women do not fall for usual pick-up lines anymore.
  2. Having a cute pup or a dog is an awesome way to get close to a woman. Women are emotional beings so when they see your connection with the dog, they are automatically drawn towards you. There is an actual survey done to prove that women are attracted to men with dogs rather than men with supercars.
  3. Women love those men who can make her laugh. Make sure you do not make any sexist joke on an online dating service- it is the biggest turn off of this decade. Try to make more general jokes mostly about yourself.
  4. Look for signs of interest and do not jump into kissing and making out at the first moment. When you find a woman online, you don’t have an idea but some might be very physical like hugging, putting hands on your shoulder and gestures as a part of their personality (they are not signs). If she is doing something only with you like sitting close to you and holding your hand to cross the road, those are definitely signs.

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