How To Flirt With A Man In 2019

Earlier it was considered that only men should flirt or make the first move, not women. But things have changed and so did the flirting rules and there are many women who like to flirt and show interest in men on a dating service and online dating makes things easy. In the past years, single women were to wear a sexy dress and put makeup to attract men. 2019 seem to take a different path and men tend to find a woman online on a dating site who is natural.

Best Flirtatious Methods:

  1. Take control and go and talk to him directly. Men on the online dating service absolutely adore this gesture. The reason is that not many men get to experience such a moment so they feel exceptional.
  2. Men do not like women on an online dating site with 1 kg of makeup which when removed reveals a completely different woman. But if you put on red lipstick and some good eye makeup, men will be satisfied with those efforts.
  3. Your smile on your picture on an online dating site is enough for men to fall for you. If you like this guy, you can smile for him when you have an eye-contact. This will definitely grab his attention and he will make further plans to meet you or talk to you after a few eye-contacts.
  4. Physical touch is the main sign for a guy. If you want to show your interest, you might want to sit next to him or close to him, lean on him while laughing or put your head on his shoulder. They can “not see” these signs of flirting. If you do such things with everybody, then just talk to him directly or text him. Hugging is another way of showing interest.
  5. When you are in a group, you might want to keep glancing and making eye-contact with him. It will not take more than 3-4 eye contacts to realize that you are interested in him.

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