How to Flirt as a Pro

You must have seen a lot of flirting but nothing seems to impress your crush. That is because you have been using the old methods from a dating site or a dating service. This is 2019 and it is time to be different and innovative. First, you must understand that flirting is different from being a pervert and that can be understood from the online dating site forums or reviews from an online dating service.

What Not To Do?

If you want to flirt like a pro, you have to know what to avoid while flirting when you find a woman online. Following are some “don’ts” of flirting:

  • Not stopping even after not getting any response from the other person
  • Sending messages to single women online when you did not get the number directly from them
  • Not knowing your limits and having physically awkward contact in public areas at the first visit
  • Getting all cheesy in front of him/her especially the usual pick-up lines
  • Seducing him/her to sex as a part of flirting

Flirting Principles

Flirting is often not taken seriously but it is the first step to start dating even on an online dating site. Let us go through the best flirting methods:

  1. Eye contact is the first and foremost sign that will decide if you will date this person or not.
  2. A cute smile is enough to let the other person know that you are interested in him/her.
  3. Have an open body language and posture will send positive signals while crossed arms or legs shows anger or annoyance.
  4. After approaching, start the conversation smoothly like “this place is amazing” or “why are you so cute” and be a good listener. Do not start with “can I have your number”?
  5. If you feel awkward silence, just try to know him/her by asking questions. Of course, do not ask personal questions but more like “what do like about this place” or “what do you do for a living”?

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